Dock content

We all know that we should back up all the time, especially if we’re going to go tinkering with OS X’s insides.
dock iconSeeing someone had accidentally messed up their dock resources folder (found in /System/Library/Core Services/ I posted  in themacrumors forums with a download link for the folder in question.
A year or so later I removed the file from my hosting, only to be bombarded with emails and PMs from others who’d done exactly the same thing – who’d have thought it!

Below you can find a link to the dock resources folder for Snow Leopard.

I’ve been asked for Leopard and other OS X versions of the folder. If you have these then do email them to me so I can add them here!

Snow Leopard 10.6.1: 10.6.1
Snow Leopard 10.6.3: 10.6.3

And for the future?


Tìm file trong MAC

So if you need to delete some files larger than X mb on your Mac or some unix server, here is the simple oneliner to do it, in this example we’re looking for files larger than 10mb in current folder (and subfolders, because find command is recursive) and delete them:

Tìm file lớn hơn 10Mb và xoá

find ./ -size +10000000c -exec rm {} \;

And to be sure that you’ll be deleting the right files, you can first list them like this:

find ./ -size +10000000c -exec ls -la {} \;